16 April 2019

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Abyssinians & Somalis

It is with heavy heart that we announce that we are downsizing, due to health reasons, and that several beloved retired adults are available to the right forever home(s).  We can't seem to "choose" which kitties are to be re-homed - so give us a ring and we can talk about it - letting go is devastating and we are heart broken. 

As this is so painful to us, it will take awhile to get some candidates up on this site.  No one 10 years and up will be offered, nor anyone with a major issue as we are afraid they won't be wanted and loved.  


A collection of cool companions that we think are the cat's meow ; )



 I am a retired Dental OR nurse and presently

am a part time bookkeeper and professional organizer.  

An animal lover all my life, I have bred purebred (and have shown most of them) Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, Peruvian Horses, Sheep, Llamas,​ Abyssinians and Scottish Folds! (oh, and a few miniature horses and ostriches in the mix ....)


Caring for animals is my passion, and my full time job (in between bookkeeping)  is raising, nurturing and caring for each and every special one of them. Having cat health and nutrition down to a science, I raise happy, healthy, competition-winning purebreds. 

Another huge part of my life is devoted to the many abandoned cats who show up on our property -- some starving, full of parasites, body parts frozen off - some with body parts actually hanging off  .... many literally at death's door ... I take them in and administer immediate veterinarian and nursing care to these poor, helpless throw - aways.  Unbelievable cruelty and thoughtlessness as to how some of them could possibly be in the condition I find them in ....


Breeding to high standards and finding the purr-fect home for my Splendid Cats and Kittens is what I live to do.



780 879 0000

We're sorry for any inconvenience, but initial contact must be made by telephone.  

Texts and emails will not be answered.  (Why not?)

After initial telephone contact emails / texts are welcome